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Online booking notes

Welcome to Online Booking. 

Pick a category and a treatment and the therapist you would like. You will then see a calendar with free appointment slots. You can move forward and back through the calendar with the  ->>  and  <<- buttons. 

When you get to the shopping cart you will be asked for a non-refundable booking fee of £5 for all treatments.

If you come regularly and want to book multiple treatmenents in one session, you have the option to pick from Timed Appointments. This is more effective than booking two or more individual treatments because you will only have to pay the one deposit, and the 15 minute clean-up time we currently have to do between treatments will not be added. Please let us know in the comments box the treatments you would like.

Please note that a skin test is required 48 hours prior to every henna brows appointment and before the first tinting or eyelash extension appointment and needs repeated every 6 months or after any medical change. You can pick this from the treatment list.


Appointment Booking


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